About me

I am a lecturer in marine conservation at Plymouth University. My research focuses on applying and implementing marine conservation policy in the UK and Europe, with a focus on planktonic systems;  I am an active participant in science-policy knowledge exchange, working closely with British and EU policy makers. I am particularly interested in separating climate responses in the plankton from those due to anthropogenic disturbances, and linking ecological state changes to manageable human pressures. This work is a direct response to UK and EU policy needs and is required by EU and UK decision makers to support marine management; in 2013, and again in 2018, I was awarded a NERC Fellowship to support this work. In 2019 I became Defra’s Senior Fellow – Marine for the new Systems Research Progamme in the Chief Scientific Adviser’s Office. I love to teach, and I try to encourage my students to see why plankton are crucial ecosystem indicators, how research can be applied and used in a policy context, and to recognize why making connections between research and application is important.