Ecosystem Approaches Limited

Company director and founder: Dr Abigail McQuatters-Gollop


Company overview:

Ecosystem Approaches is an environmental consultancy with a focus on the marine environment. We use natural and social science skills and expertise to enable the sustainable use of our marine and coastal environments through science. Our key areas of focus are around marine policy, marine conservation, and marine biodiversity. Current areas of work include the separation of climate responses in the marine ecosystems from those due to anthropogenic disturbances, ecosystem responses to the combined effects of policy measures and climate change, the application of systems thinking approaches to marine environmental issues, indicator development and analysis, science-policy communications, and conservation and biodiversity advice provision. We are located in Plymouth, UK, but our staff have international experience and expertise in countries such as the USA, Australia, Bahamas, Japan, Malaysia, India, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and throughout Europe.

Our mission:

The mission of Ecosystem Approaches is to enable the sustainable use of our marine and coastal environments through science. 

Track record:

Ecosystem Approaches was founded in March 2019 in response to a growing need to provide marine conservation and scientific and technical advice and analysis to academic, non-academic and governmental organisations. Recent clients include Commonwealth Blue Charter, JNCC, UK Government, and University of Plymouth. We are working in partnership with the Marine Business Technology Centre in Plymouth, UK, to grow and develop our business.

Work with us:

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