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Science-policy collaboration is the key to sustainable management of Japanese marine ecosystems 海洋生態系の持続可能な管理に向けた科学と政策の協働

During the week of October 28, 2018, hundreds of top marine scientists are meeting at the annual PICES conference in Yokohama to discuss the latest research on Pacific marine ecosystems and the implications for their sustainable management. As many of … Continue reading

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The end of the line for bluefin?

As a vegetarian, I am obsessed interested in the conflict between eating something because it tastes good and knowing that animals suffer due to to cruel farming practices, species are harvested by environmentally devastating means, or a food species is … Continue reading

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Tuna, plankton and plum wine – exploring science-policy in Japan

One of my interests is to improve and expand the use of CPR data in marine policy, not only in the UK, but globally. There is one country in particular where I’ve really wanted to learn more about the science-policy … Continue reading

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