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Plankton and Policy Group PI:

Dr Abigail McQuatters-Gollop
Lecturer in Marine Conservation
Twitter: @anaturalstate
Email: abigail.mcquatters-gollop [@]

PhD students:

Jake Bedford
Project:  An indicator approach to integrating historical and contemporary ecological datasets: a century of plankton change in the NE Atlantic
Twitter: @JakeBedford
Email: jacob.bedford [@]

Masters students:

Beth Siddons
Project: The applicability of Northeast Atlantic Marine Strategy Framework Directive plankton indicators to the expansion of the MSFD in the Arctic region
Twitter: @bethlauras

Hugh O’Sullivan
Project: Phytoplankton phenology and its effects on plaice and sandeel larvae in the North Sea

David Reeves
Project: Differences in diversity of plankton in the Norwegian and Barents Seas