Post doc in numerical ecology at SAHFOS


Image from Plankton Chronicles

Last week saw the launch of the Applying an ecosystem approach to (sub) regional habitat assessments (EcApRHA) project, which is coordinated by OSPAR. EcApRHA focuses on filling in the gaps of tricky policy indicators for pelagic habitats, benthic habitats and foodwebs. To support the pelagic work on EcApRHA, SAHFOS is hiring a numerical ecologist post doc. The post doc will work closely with me and the rest of the EcaPRHA pelagic work package to further develop plankton indicators for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Essential requirements for the post:

  • Matlab and/or R programming skills
  • Knowledge of the handling of large datasets
  • Knowledge of marine ecology
  • Preferable to have knowledge of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive
  • Willing to travel to meetings in Europe
  • Self motivated
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Publication record and a clear desire to commit to publications resulting from this position.

SAHFOS is a great place to work and this is an exciting and important project.

For more information, please see: 

Please advertise this opportunity throughout your networks!

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