Implementing the MSFD in Europe – an OSPAR COBAM workshop

In May I attended the OSPAR Intersessional Correspondence Group for Coordinated Biodiversity and Monitoring (COBAM) workshop in Marseille, France. OSPAR COBAM is responsible for leading development and operationalisation of indicators for marine pelagic biodiversity in Europe. The workshop focused on delivery of the OSPAR Intermediate Assessment of environmental status in European Seas which will be submitted to the European Commission this year as part of the implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Attendees included top European scientists and key policy makers who play critical roles in evaluating and communicating the environmental status of European species and habitats. I chair the Pelagic Expert Group, which comprises specialists in applied pelagic ecology in all OSPAR contracting parties and works closely with policy makers to deliver the science needed to support sustainable management of the Europe’s pelagic habitats. This partnership between scientists and policy makers is key to the effective management of the European marine environment. The OSPAR COBAM team has worked closely together for years, and we enjoy catching up at our workshops and hatching plans for projects to improve management and monitoring of the EU’s marine ecosystem, particularly over a glass of wine in the sun.

Abigail, Plankton and Policy

Photo by Jane Hawkridge

The OSPAR COBAM team. Photo by Jane Hawkridge.

2017-05-23 19.29.38

Strategizing about funding opportunities during the evening session. Who says you need a meeting room to be productive?

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Marine biologist, guitarist, cat lover, red wine drinker. I like plankton.
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